How to perform hair oiling with avocado oil?

Avocado oil is a popular cosmetic dedicated for hair care. About its extraordinariness and prestige decides high concentration of monounsaturated fatty acids (especially oleic fatty acids in omega-9 group), as well as numerous vitamins contained in the oil. Avocado oil consists of seven vitamins and these are essential to hair in order to preserve good condition, vitality and healthy growth. Thanks to hair oiling with avocado oil, hair grow faster, become stronger, stop falling out, are smooth and silky. Oil takes care of hair colour by preventing its fading.

With avocado oil is performed so called hair oil treatment, which is based on applying oil on hair and scalp in order to nourish, regenerate and protect hair.

Hair oiling can be performed few possible ways.

1. Overnight hair oiling, involving scalp – provides best results, because avocado oil has a lot of time to deeply nourish hair. Such hair oil treatment requires, however, some time (avocado oil is rinsed off only in the morning). Great solution is to apply oil on scalp and hair and keeping it at least an hour – the time for hair oiling is then significantly shorter, but within an hour avocado oil will perfectly nourish hair.

2. Hair oiling “on conditioner” – allows application of oil along with hair conditioner you use after hair wash. Few drops of avocado oil mix with a dosage of conditioner and apply on washed, damp hair, then rinse it off as usual. Avocado oil will intensify the action of conditioner.

3. Hair oiling of damp hair after hair wash – this form of hair oil treatment is based on applying oil on damp hair at half of the length. Oil will fulfil the role of leave-in conditioner. It is going to protect hair against hot air produced by hair dryer, speeds up drying time and ease stylisation.

4. Hair oiling of dry hair after washing it first – avocado oil can be applied also on dry hair, e.g. in form of serum on damaged hair ends, or administer it at half of the length. This way avocado oil will protect hair against unfavourable action of external factors, make hair more elastic, provide them with gloss and regeneration. Even extremely matte hair will gain vitality and become more smooth in touch.