When you think about hair care, certainly the first thing that comes to mind is shampoo or conditioner you use afterwards.

Great, what else?

Hair mask once a week?

Okay, but what's next?

Mostly, the further part is not as pretty: rubbing hair with towel, hair dryer, stylisation cosmetics... backcomb... some more hair spray... maybe even more hair spray, so that the hair style last longer... and perhaps a straightener?

You just made your conditioner and hair mask stop working, hair got large dose of clogging and damaging substances, that eliminate results of both shampoo and hair conditioner. Scalp isn't clean neither. It is covered with chemical compounds, that disrupt the processes on its surface.

Straightener, hot air from hair dryer, hot curler - this devices cause dryness, even burn hair in terrifying pace.

The result? Hair condition decreases and it is one step closer to total fall out (literally and figuratively, because beside the fact that is excessively damaged - starts to fall out and break).

So that this terrifying vision never come to existence, you should provide your hair with not only the care and nourishment, but also deep regeneration and protection. Perfect for it are avocado oil. It is a substance obtained from the pulp of commonly known fruits. This oil is one of the most popular hair conditioners for hair. With avocado oil help is executed hair oil treatment, i.e. the treatment based on application oil on hair and scalp. Avocado oil should "stay" on hair at least an hour. After this time, rinse it off with delicate shampoo, free of SLS and SLES. Avocado oil can be also left on hair overnight - for long hours will regenerate hair, scalp and hair bulbs. To protect hair on the daily basis, apply avocado oil on dry hair, with particular attention to ends. Thanks to it hair is going to be less subjected to mechanical damages and will be protected against harmful impact of atmospheric factors. What is more, avocado oil also protects against toxins from air.

It is worth to mention, that avocado oil contains high concentration of fatty acids omega-9, which improves processes in cells and inhibits ageing processes in hair and scalp. Vitamins contained in avocado oil make hair stop falling out, help become stronger, full of life and gloss, make them grow faster, nourish and stimulate keratin production - main hair lumber.