Hair in bad shape? Try Avocado Oil

Your hair also need vitamins.
As well as constant care.
It requires protection against damages.
Want to be glossy and forever young.
Want to has strong hair bulbs and not to fall out.
It does not want to break or be brittle.
Your hair need avocado oil.

This oil is obtained from the avocado pulp – i.e. the fruit known to every healthy life style fan. Its invaluable properties for health are walking hand in hand with action in cosmetology. Avocado oil is one of oils that guarantee the highest haircare standard.

Why is it such a magnificent haircare treatment? What determines its exceptional properties?watch film Going in Style now

Avocado oil is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, especially oleic acid in omega-9 group. This fatty acid has medium size particles, which make it semi-penetrating oil. It makes the perfect care for hair with medium porosity hair (hair type common for the majority of people in the world). Linoleic acid in avocado oil not only will penetrate inner hair structures (its particles perfectly match raised hair cuticles on its surface), but also protect hair on the outside. Thanks to it, hair is provided with deep regeneration, while being protected on the outside. This can be observed right after the first application of avocado oil: hair gain gloss, elasticity and vitality. What is more, it is much easier to style it and ends stop being dry and unaesthetic.

Thanks to numerous vitamins contained in avocado oil, hair receive constant nourishment. Hair become stronger along the entire shaft and most of all inside hair bulb. This makes it preserve young appearance for a long time, stop breakage, brittleness, hair loss, while hair start to grow faster, gain gloss and deep, vivid colour. Avocado oil consists of seven vitamins (A, E, C, D, K, H and B group vitamins). Their multitude and high concentration make avocado oil so popular. Vitamins inhibit ageing processes in hair, ensure gloss, vitality, improve protein synthesis, or can even impact the thickness loss of hair. Moreover, vitamins make strands grow healthy and strong, prevent hair loss and breakage.

Avocado oil is one of the most precious natural oils, by providing hair with spectacular appearance, protection and regeneration. When you think about the haircare, you should always remember that shampoo and hair conditioner are, unfortunately, not enough for your hair to be healthy and beautiful. Haircare with natural oils is the best thing you can give your hair.