Avocado oil – How healthy can your hair become?

Avocado oil is among leading oils for hair care – for a good reason, though. It is substance with high concentration of omega-9 fatty acid (oleic acid) and numerous vitamins responsible for health, nourishment and constant regeneration.

Avocado oil matches medium porosity hair, which most of us could respond as “neither – nor”. After all, this hair are neither thick and strong nor extremely thin. Neither healthy nor very damaged. Neither properly hydrated nor overly dry… Its condition is placed somewhere in between the healthy and damaged hair. However, it is worth to mention that medium porosity hair are the most common hair type. Avocado oil is suitable for such strands due to its particles precisely matching raised cuticles on the medium porosity hair surface.

What can your hair become thanks to avocado oil?

  • avocado oil provides gloss and makes strands highlighted and bouncy
  • thanks to vitamins from B group, hair shaft is regenerated and strong
  • vitamin E makes hair gain vitality and inhibits ageing
  • avocado oil strengthens hair bulbs, so streaks stop falling out and grow stronger and healthier
  • high concentration of zinc is responsible for avocado oil having beneficial impact on hair growth – great news for all of you trying to grow hair and regret that it takes forever
  • magnesium contained in avocado oil takes part in protein production, which means – also keratin, the hair lumber
  • thanks to the avocado oil hair are less brittle and dry, while ends stop splitting
  • oil will protect hair against strong sun, wind, freeze and toxins from the air that can penetrate inner hair structures
  • used prior to stylisation hair are immediately conditioned, provided with gloss and vitality as well as makes easier to style hair.